Foot Care

Feet are the most ignored area of our bodies, but they deserve better. Try a pedicure and give them an invigorating treat.

Firstly your feet are then treated to a relaxing soak. Feet are worked on one at a time, cuticles are softened and the nails shaped.
Cuticles can then be trimmed and the lower legs and feet treated to an invigorating exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Any hard skin on the soles of the feet can be sloughed off. The lower legs and feet are now gently massaged in an upward direction to reduce the build up of toxins and to reduce water retention.

All that remains is to choose a polish!


Price List
Mini Pedicure Price: €30
Duration: 30 minutes
Jessica Pedicure Price: €49.50
Duration: 60 minutes
Shellac or Geleration Paint Price: €30
Duration: 30 minutes
Shellac or Geleration French Price: €35
Duration: 40 minutes


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