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LPG by Endermologie is an FDA approved, advanced treatment proven to help eliminate cellulite which exercise and diet alone will not shift. Endermologie is a natural and pleasant technique that gently mobilises the tissues to boost circulatory exchanges, activate stubborn fat release, smoothes cellulite and durably firms the skin, in a targeted area of your choice.

This treatment works deeply into the tissues helping to tone while breaking down fatty deposits. The increase in circulation helps to detoxify the body. This treatment is fantastic on both cellulite and as an aid to regain the post-natal figure.

In addition to a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise this treatment works. Aislings skin care therapists, who are LPG certified experts, will provide
you with a personalised assessment and establish a treatment programme specific to your requirements.

Available as a single treatment or as a course of 7 treatments.


LPG (7 Sessions)

Drains fluid, breaks down cellulite and fat, firms and tightens skin, and boosts energy level.

Duration: 40 minutes per session

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